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Dr. Brice Yates

Brice's Story

Dr. Brice Yates is a seasoned higher education professional and diversity pracitioner. Having served in various diversity administrative roles, Dr. Yates has gained experience in administration, stragic planning, fiscal management, and oversight.


Dr. Yates strives to promote diversity and inclusion through his professional work. Throughout his career, he has created environments and learning opportunities that incorporated people of many cultures and backgrounds, particularly those underrepresented in academe. Dr. Yates’ experience in Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Multicultural Affairs has prepared him for the leadership challenges and opportunities associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion. He genuinely believes in leading the charge of inclusive excellence where fairness, access, equity, and social justice for all are the norms rather than the exceptions.


Dr. Yates earned his doctoral degree in Higher Education and Leadership from Indiana State University. His other academic attainments include a Master of Arts in Communications Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Morehead State University. In addition, he is a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) through the Institute of Diversity Certifications, as well as a certified Title IX Coordinator and Investigator. Dr. Yates’ research focuses on the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on college and university campuses. 

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